Wet Horizons
Luis Callejas / LCLA office
October 11 – November 23, 2014

Exhibition curated by Mimi Zeiger
Exhibition design: LCLA OFFICE + Daniel Rauchwerger and Noam Dvir (We Are Young Architects) Architect and Textile Artist: Charlotte Hansson
Host: Natural Histories for Los Angeles, is a World Wide Storefront participant, is a collaboration between Big City Forum, Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, and the Neutra VDL Research House under the directorship of Sarah Lorenzen.
Wet Horizons and Host: Natural Histories for Los Angeles are part of World Wide Storefront, a Storefront for Art and Architecture project. Additional support provided by Harvard Graduate School of Design, Bestor Architecture, and AECOM.

Located in the existing context of the Neutra-designed penthouse—its glazed walls, rooftop reflecting pools, and views of the Silver Lake Reservoir, Wet Horizons, articulates environmental connections between Callejas’ practice and the architecture of the house itself. Veiled textile drawings, re-inserted into the domestic space of the house, were created in collaboration with textile artist Charlotte Hansson. The main piece is "Oceans, rivers, peninsulas and islands" Water bodies from 2008 - 2014 printed on silk and assembled as a continuous water stream with a total of length 17 meters. Combined with digital projections and models, the installation merges the reading of landscapes from distant geographies with real LA views.

Photos by Luis Callejas, Nicole Doan and Mimi Zeiger