Furniture Designs by Neutra

Published Dec. 12, 2021

The Cantilever Chair was originally designed in 1929 for Lovell Health House. The distinctive steel spring ensures that seat mobility is separated from the backrest – a definite ergonomic advantage. Neutra filed a patent application for his Cantilever Chair.

The German furniture company VS has reissued many of the furniture pieces designed by Neutra. Many are on view at the Neutra VDL House. Thomas Müller, executive director of VS, found drawings for 28 pieces of Neutra furniture by combing through Neutra’s estate at the University of California. Many of these were designed as single pieces or small series for Neutra’s houses; some however had previously only been available in sketch form. In 2012 VS secured the licensing rights from Dion Neutra. Visit the VS website for more info on the line.